Monday, March 31, 2014

Everything is Lining Up

It is blowing my mind how everything in my life is lining up. I can't share the details yet. All is in flux. But I'm co-creating with the universe. I'm trying to be brave and not scared. I can't ask for big positive changes and then cling to all the old stuff. This iceberg is breaking up baby. Get ready to jump into the vortex.

This is a deck I got from a psychic from Australia at a psychic training seminar many years ago. I found it in storage and started using it regularly. There are 28 cards. For 3 evenings I would shuffle, cut and draw 3 cards. In each reading the 'Expect Delays' card came up. Yep, 3 times in a row. Notice, all the things I want are on the other end of this card.
Then I got this card at least once. May have been twice. Where it says 'change of house and circumstances' I thought 'oh no, not again.' Once again, all the things I want are on the other end of the card.

So, this was tonight's spread. After the news I got today, the 'expect delays' card stopped showing up. So I'm trying to be Patient because a lot of communicating and negotiating is going on. This could turn out really really well, or terribly. So I'm focusing on the best possible outcome.