Saturday, December 28, 2013


The universe threw me some nasty curve balls the last few days, as if to tell me I had some more evolving to do. I also watched two movies on Tibet, one fiction and one a documentary. They talk about the concept of impermanence. We have to focus on the universe shifting constantly. We can't get too hung up on it staying the same because it won't. That is why I endeavor to live in the present and to get the most out of each day.

The aging process is very disturbing to me. I have to keep trying to love myself no matter what. Some days are better than others on this front.

I've also lost more relatives and friends to cancer. So yeah, live each day like it's your last because you could be right. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Winter Solstice is Upon Us

Just wanted to stop by and wish all my lovely witches a happy Winter Solstice. Now get out there and do some magic.

Beautiful frost designs.

Frost Feathers

Happy First Day of Winter

Stay warm out there.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Fairy Condo

I stepped out my backdoor and almost bumped into a roadrunner. But it didn't run away. We stared at each other for a bit, then it made its way to the water bowl to my left. Still keeping an eye on me, it took some drinks.  I got a load of firewood and came back in.  On the way out, I grabbed my camera, and the roadrunner was still by the water bowl. But this time I spooked it and it left before I got any photos.

Later I did see a cottontail jumping out of the neighbor's yard. I assume the chipmunks are hibernating. I haven't seen any since it started to freeze at night.

So I had in mind making a fairy condo. So I gathered bits from the woodpile and figured out a master plan. I got all the tools out. I started putting together a swing for one of the branches. I was waiting for my boyfriend to get out of the shower and help me get some power tools out. But when he came out he said we were going to town and I needed to shower. So I put the tools away, came in, took off my jacket, and he said I should wait for the water to heat up again. Face palm. I'm in my stay home and do stuff mode and he's in his 'spend the next four hours in town' mode. I have been waiting 3 days to go to town.  Why are we never on the same page? I need to put together a box for the post office if we are going to town. But I don't feel like doing that in the next 20 minutes, you know? I still need to eat breakfast. It takes me a good hour to get ready to go out, and I usually get 10 minutes notice.

signed...Miss Grumpy Pants

Sorry fairies. Your condo will have to wait.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Inspiration Jars

I was inspired by a photo on Facebook, only I am giving it a witchy twist.

I recommend following Zen to Zany on Facebook

On the left is my prosperity candle. It is almost out of wax so I got the new green candle above. The feathers on the right are for my witch's ladder project. The pink jar and turquoise jar are part of my inspiration jars project.
For my inspiration jars, I want to get a glass etching kit so I can decorate them. Then I will put a different colored glitter in each one. Like the red one might say love. Since some of the openings are too big for corks, I will just put an artificial flower in a matching color on top to cover the opening. Then when I need to work with that theme, I will sprinkle the glitter on myself or my friends. If you don't love glitter, you can fill them with colored beads or faux flower petals or whatever inspires you.

I priced jars on Ebay, and ended up getting all these at the discount dollar store. I also got matching ribbon there to decorate the jars after I etch them. So everything is on hold until I get the glass etching kit. Or I might just rubber stamp the labels. Sometimes it is good to let a project sit a while while your mind sorts out the details.
My new green prosperity candle
This morning I looked on Pinterest using the search term 'inspiration jar' and all kinds of neat ideas popped up. So if my version is too complicated for you, look to Pinterest for more ideas. I used both jars and vases.  Cute little bottles would have been nice too, but I couldn't find those at the store I was at. If you have saved bottles, clean them up and use those instead.

Knit a Poncho

The wind howled like a banshee last night. It kept knocking out my satellite Internet connection. Finally I took the hint and went to bed with a good book. I read for about thirty minutes and then it was off to dreamland. Once again I dreamed about a SCA event. At these events, I don't seem to have any friends.  Things are just happening all around me.

On another note, Jacqueline DuBois made a Youtube video about a poncho she had knitted from repurposed balls of yarn from an estate sale. So even though I didn't need another fiber arts project, I just had to make one. I found some great old wooden needles I inherited, and set to work with some pink yarn. I got 2 poncho books at the library yesterday to help me figure out what shape I need to make, which is basically 2 long rectangles. Rectangles are a symbol of stability, the same as squares, because they have 4 sides. A square is a rectangle with equilateral sides, right?

If you watch to the end of her video, she also shows her knitted curtains.

I'm debating making my poncho all pink or striped with many colors, which is my usual style.

Stay warm and blessed and we'll talk soon.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Making My Spirit Pouch

Today I'm working on my spirit pouch. I was going to make a pouch out of green fabric, but then I found an beautiful green organza pouch I already owned. Then the search was on to decide what to put into it.
And now it's too heavy. Yes, I got carried away.  So I think I'll keep a box of items that could go into the pouch, and swap them out as I need them.

Yellow Jasper: I've had this piece of yellow jasper for years. I was drawn to put it in the pouch. Here is a site that tells the metaphysical meanings of yellow jasper. If this helps me work next to my boyfriend and respect each other, it's something I really need.

Turquoise: I've always been drawn to turquoise.  And when I found this piece that used to belong to my mother, I had to use it. In fact it was the first thing I put in the pouch.

Amethyst Egg: This crystal in my favorite color is a must have for me. Once I walked into a store full of giant amethyst crystal geodes and I literally felt like I was walking 3" off the ground.

Copper Thunderbird Ring
Large black button to absorb negativity.
Three wooden cut-outs (poppets) to represent my 3 grandchildren. I have 3 sizes that match their ages.
A tiny clear glass sphere that reminds me of a crystal ball.
A green ceramic circle with a goddess figurine on one side and the word 'luck' on the side. Also stamped with tiny stars on the back.
A blue ceramic circle with a hamsa hand and a spiral on the palm. Spirals will always represent being a hypnotist to me.
A tiny bag with allspice
A tiny bag with a cinnamon stick
A heart shaped seashell to represent my love for the ocean
A circular carved bone bead
A piece of barely pink glass shaped like a star with streaks of gold and blue
A small gold cross with pearls and rubies
A tiny brown feather that was a top peacock feather to represent air and clairvoyance
I also want to add a dollar coin
I might replace the button with a piece of obsidian or an Apache tear if one comes my way.
A green lampwork glass bead to attract money.
A tiny white jingle bell to banish evil spirits

My three grandchildren are represented by these little wood people.

Allspice and Cinnamon for protection, prosperity and healing

A cross, a bone circle, and polished turquoise

Goddess medallion

Green glass bead and polished amethyst

Spiral hand, copper thunderbird ring and clear sphere.
Yellow Jasper and Glass Star
Seashell heart and black button
Finished spirit pouch
Holding my spirit pouch. I hung it on an eyeglass chain.
Tiny white jingle bell.