Friday, August 30, 2013

Rainy Day Mushrooms

This afternoon I was outside belly dancing between rainclouds when I noticed something.  Big fluffy mushrooms were sprouting up in my witches circle. It was like a fairy ring come true. They are shaped like rockets as they push through the sand. Then they open up rather like a beach umbrella. It is one of the things I never expected to see in the Mojave desert.

Today I also saw quail. My friend was over and he saw a chipmunk. It poured a few times today and then the sun would come out. So I grabbed a veil and did some low impact dancing. My ankle is getting better but I sure don't want to re-injure it so easy does it.

If you'd like to read more about belly dancing, I have a blog for that here:

See you soon. Thanks for following.

I love my blue veil.

Good arm exercise.

Loving myself just the way I am.

Surprise! Mushrooms!

Pushing through the soft sand.

Fairy door?

Like a fairy garden in the sand.

Rain clouds over the desert.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Starry Skyclad Summer Night

Lately I've just wanted to go outside at night skyclad and look at the stars.  Tonight I saw 3 shooting stars. There is a cricket singing his little heart out somewhere out there. The moon is dark so I could see the milky way sprawling across the sky.

Today I worked on an original embroidery of 3 owls overlooking a village. It made me think of how special owls are and how rarely I see them. I also had a roadrunner in my yard today. He was frantically darting around. I wonder if he was catching bugs

It is late my darlings so off to bed I go.