Friday, June 13, 2014

June Update on Our Homestead Situation

The Law of Attraction stuff is really helping me. I felt I was on a roll with my older daughter. Both of us were seeing major changes in our lives. Then there was a death in my family. I feel like it hijacked my life for the last 2 months.  And my daughter was dealing with her own kind of depression. So now once again I feel like Humpty Dumpty trying to put myself back together again after falling off the wall. I think I've been online too much, and not living my life.

We got six new chickens on Wednesday. That cheered me up quite a lot. I hated seeing the broken chicken coop there with no chickens in it. Our new friend Andrew helped to drag the coop into a more sheltered spot, and then my boyfriend worked really hard putting it back together again after a stray dog and the wind destroyed it.  He dug a ditch all around it to bury some hefty fencing so nothing else can dig its way in. I feel good about the new design, although the hot weather has made working difficult. He's probably glad to be back at work today in an air conditioned building.

I need to start creating again. I need to get back to daily journaling. I started a happiness journal, which is where I force myself to write down the good things in my life. Then I have a regular journal for ranting and venting because I think those things are important too.

New pullets in their coop.

Making the coop more secure.

Our homestead.
We inherited so much stuff, I don't even know how to begin organizing it. We need to swap out our old leaky refrigerator for the one we inherited. That's a big project and daunting, like so much of my life is right now.

And our elderly cat is messing up so many things. We love him, but looking after him and cleaning up his accidents is a constant challenge.

Add on top of that the businesses we both run, and it is no wonder that anxiety gets the better of me sometimes.  I have costumes to make before mid July with hard deadlines. I did get the fabric, but I need to get out to the storage containers to set up my sewing machines and serge all the edges before I pre-wash the fabric. Only it's 100 degrees out there and I'm sure it is even hotter inside the containers. We need a break from this heat wave. We got the containers to use as our workshops, but in this heat, it's also a challenge.

So much is on my mind. I want to make this a welcoming environment for my boyfriend to come home too, but I get tired super easily.

I just glanced out my window to see a squirrel on the patio table. They are looking for water and shade as well. I keep 3 buckets of water full for the critters out there.  I'm also pet sitting my neighbors dog, chickens and cats. Yesterday I was walking across her sand and got fire ant bites in 3 places. So I'm dealing with those as well.
Sometimes all you can do is smile and carry on.