Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last Day of August

Last night I ordered new business cards that say 'Metaphysical Arts'. It didn't even occur to me to put "Portal to Esoterica". Ah well. I paid extra to have a 2 sided card. The  back has an appointment form in case someone wants to schedule a tarot reading or a spiritual consultation or hypnotherapy. I stayed up from midnight to 5 AM trying to figure just what to put on the card and the return address labels. So I was going to go to bed early tonight and it is already almost 2 AM. Where does the time go?
I've had good luck from Vistaprint before so that is who I went with. Zazzle was having a sale and that was my first choice, but in the end, once I added shipping the price was just too high. I'd rather spend my Zazzle earnings on something more exciting than address labels.

I would like to spend more time writing fiction. I know I have at least one trilogy in me somewhere. I'm jealous when my friends get books published, so that tells me it is a gift I haven't yet fulfilled. Otherwise I wouldn't feel a twinge whenever someone else reached their goal.

I got a book on weaving without an expensive loom. It shows how to use a wooden picture frame to make placemats or how to do circular weaving to make hats. Crafts connect us to Goddess energy and I love working with my hands.

I hope you have a fabulous September. I am looking forward to days that are not in the triple digits like today was.