Monday, May 20, 2013

Three of Wands

The path of today was very interesting. I was looking for a crochet tutorial on Youtube, and instead intended up clicking on a tarot tutorial on the Real Witches of Orange County. So suddenly I knew I just had to set up a tarot table in my bedroom. And then I decided to make a video of it. So as I’m shuffling for the three card spread, certain cards show up. When I’m cutting the cards, I’m not really paying attention. I’m just trying to make a good video. The first card I flip over is the 3 of Wands in the Faery Wicca deck. Now this is a hard deck written to go with Celtic beliefs. So I don’t even recognize the 3 of Wands at first. I had to look it up in a little book. The third card was the 2 of swords. Now that card I understand. It is the struggle and stalemate I have in my current relationship. The middle card was the Ace of Cups.

So I make the video. On editing and uploading I start to notice an interesting thing.  That 3 of Wands card is completely hogging the camera.  If you watch the video you’ll see what I mean. The idea is to lay out 3 cards early in the day, leave them there, and then at the end of the day see if the meaning manifested itself in some way.
About an hour after I got the card, which shows a man on a mountain looking off into the distance, I get an email saying my volunteer application for a Steampunk event this weekend just came through. And then I find out the location is ‘ON A MOUNTAIN TOP’ on tribal lands. Just like on the tarot card. And the meaning is ‘doing something completely different’. I found a blog explaining the card and it was spot on. To me the meaning is clear. Go to this event and take on a leadership role and do something innovative, or stay at home locking horns with my partner and not getting anywhere. In fact the two of swords is mentioned as ‘an opposing card’.
The only thing that isn’t obvious is the Ace of Cups. I sure hope that doesn’t mean I’m going to fall in love with someone else. That’s the last thing I need right now. Here are some other meanings of the Ace of Cups
So all in all, it was an interesting turn of events. 
You can watch my video here:
Faery Wicca Tarot. I only recommend it for people with experience with a regular deck.

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