Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zel's Zen Garden

A few weeks ago I started a Zen garden at my desert home. I believe the adage of chopping wood and carrying water is good for the soul. So I'm purposely planting things that require water, and none of our hoses reach nearly that far. So each time I visit I need to carry water. Hopefully it will motivate me to spend time there as well, and not forget all about it.

It is near our firewood pile, so today I pulled out logs to make a little border fence around the perimeter. It feels so much better with the area defined more. I planted sunflowers to act as a windbreak and to add beauty. They are the Mammoth sunflowers. I just hope the rabbits don't eat them when they sprout. If they grow to fruition, I'll be able to use the seeds to feed the birds.

I don't have a lot of spare cash, so I'm making due with what I have. I'm doing a little here and there as time and money allow. I feel more centered whenever I spend time out there, even if I'm just raking the sand, or cleaning up debris.

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