Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Abundance Affirmations

I am a Money Magnet
Love comes to me always
I am open to opportunities
Income flows in from everywhere
Every time I blink more money comes my way
I am generous to others and the universe is generous to me
Money is paper energy
I am surrounded by abundance
My bank account magically refills
Even now money is coming my way
I surround myself with green to attract wealth
I am strong
I love to work smart and not hard
I carry coins to attract more coins
I fold my paper money towards me to attract more money
I give freely because I receive freely
I let go of all roadblocks to my success
I forgive everybody
I focus on the things I want and call them to me
I can always improve
Even if I failed once, that doesn't mean I'll fail again
I let my baggage go so I can carry new things
I have room for abundance in my life now
I get out of my own way
I celebrate the happiness and prosperity of others
My ship just came in
I have more than I need
My cup runneth over
I attract what is best for me
Now is the time all things come to me
I am celebrating life

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