Monday, September 9, 2013

Crescent Moon

Last night my lover and I watched the crescent moon set behind the hills. It was peeking in and out of the clouds as it set. There was a bright planet near it. I need to remember that it sets pretty early and get out there sooner.

After it set I was alone so I lit two candles. One is sentimental to me because my daughter painted a red dragon on it a few years ago so burning it reminds me of her. Then I danced around until the candles blew out.

Then around 11 PM we had an exciting thunderstorm with some wicked cool lightning. One flash was so bright I was blinded for a few seconds. Then the rain hit. It made me drowsy listening to it so I went to bed early and fell asleep during the last few flashes. Lovely.

We also planted a mulberry seedling that the neighbor gave us. I waited until the moon was waning to plant it. It will shade the parking area someday and provide fruit for the tanagers and for us. I also wanted to block out the dead tree in the neighbor's yard.
New Mulberry Tree
Three views of the sunset.

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