Saturday, June 22, 2013

Quail and Sparrows and Other Critters

I am watching the sparrows and finches peck away at a pile of birdseed on the porch. The ants are also trying to carry off the seeds. The birds try to avoid the ants.

There is a chipmunk in the yard too. I keep hoping he will come up to the porch and eat something. Or maybe its a girl. I don't know why I always think of chipmunks as boys.

I have to go to a funeral next Sat. may he rest in peace. He was 86 and his body and mind were just worn out.

I just found out my newest friend has brain cancer.

It has been a stressful week. My tarot reading says 'Just Let Go' and I also keep getting the death card.

I just saw a joshua tree fruit fall to the ground. Then I realized the chipmunk is up in the tree, pulling off the fruit.

The papa and baby quail are drinking from the water bowl. I put out more chicken wire to protect the gourds and beans from rabbits. I also saw a baby cottontail in the yard earlier today. Nature is my refuse and my strength. The portulaca I planted from seed are blooming their heads off. I hope my mom's spirit can see them, since they always remind me of her.

The yellow pear tomato is covered with blossoms. Soon I will have some fruit from it I hope. Gardening is an act of faith after all.

Yesterday I saw two roadrunners in the yard in a courtship ritual. I wonder what baby roadrunners look like.

Take care of yourself.
Blessed be.

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