Friday, June 21, 2013

Sizzling Summer Solstice

It's not very pagan I suppose, but I spent the solstice shopping at a Solstice sale at Michael's and Joanne's. So now I have painting and calligraphy supplies again. It was definitely a sizzling Solstice.  I thought I'd melt driving to Victorville and back.

I wanted to check out a Mexican market called Vallara's to pick up some olive oil. The produce section is amazing. But even more surprising was they have a food court inside featuring a bakery, a tortilla area, a Mexican food restaurant and a juice/ice cream bar. I had the most amazing  pineapple drink there with shreds of pineapple in the bottom. Fabulous! I also had 2 large carnitas tacos! I was stuffed. I waddled into Michael's after that amazing lunch. Now I know, so the next time I'll just do 1 taco and the small drink. The medium drink was as big as a large at most eateries.

I needed to spend  a day alone. It was wonderful to do what I wanted without having to get others to agree to the plan.

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