Monday, June 17, 2013

Well, Now What

As a hypnotist and a witch, I believe in the mind and body connection. In other words, what happens to you on the spiritual and mental plane will manifest sooner or later on or in your body.

And also that there are no coincidences. Even so, after a spiritually devastating day yesterday, I hadn't expected damage to appear so quickly.  As I was typing away I looked down at my right hand. You know that saying, "I know him like the back of my hand?"  Well on the back of my hand is a big angry looking mole the color of blood.  And I swear it wasn't there yesterday.

I've been worrying about the damage the desert sun is doing to my arms and hands and I've been thinking of wearing gloves even though it's 100 degrees out. I think I waited too long, because I think I'm stuck with this mole for life. (Frowny face). It looks like a blood blister, but if I had hurt myself in that way I would have felt it. It is like the exclamation point on the day and night I had yesterday.

Earlier today I got a crochet book at the library that has some cute patterns for fingerless gloves. And a vintage book I got at a thrift store has a pattern for full gloves. So yes, I'm going to do gloves. At least I can hide the stupid thing.
Well, WTF?

A sunflower to cheer me up.

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