Saturday, February 22, 2014

Three Dreams in One Night

Last night's dreams were interesting.
In the first one I was driving around southern CA with my boyfriend.  We were arguing.  Then we got out and were walking around an expensive neighborhood. We visited a friend, and when we left we went our separate ways. Then I heard the crowd yelling that we were about to be hit by a tsunami. So I ran for higher ground. In my case, that meant climbing to the top of some playground equipment. Someone was already up there so I joined them, hoping it could take our weight. As the water started to pour through other people climbed up. It started to sway. I saw there was an even higher tower next to us with only one person on it. After the water rushed by on the ground we were all still dry so people started to climb down. I yelled at them to wait, because the bigger surge was yet to come. Sure enough a few minutes later the water came by in a much bigger amount, flooding halfway up to where we were. I was scared and worried but I clung on as we swayed under the weight of the water. I hoped my boyfriend was okay, wherever he was.

About fifteen minutes later a giant wave came through, gushing through buildings and the 2nd story level. We all got soaked. But everyone hung on for dear life. Soon after the emergency crews were yelling for us all to get to the buses. I climbed down and raced from bus to bus looking for my boyfriend. Finally I spotted him and he saw me but didn't look very excited about it. I got on the same bus as him and I don't remember any more of that dream.

In the second dream I had a gig juggling on an outdoor plaza. The guy who hired me was sitting inside one of the offices facing the plaza. For some crazy reason, all I brought with me were 3 gray juggling balls which blended in with the surrounding. I was barely able to juggle. I was so worried that I wouldn't get paid. Then some random juggling vendor shows up and puts boxes of juggling equipment out for anyone to use. Soon I'm surrounded by jugglers. I try to juggle some clubs he brought but they were all different sizes and weights than what I am used to. So they kept flying out of my hands. So I tried to switch back to my gray beanbags but another juggler had scooped them up. All the jugglers were better than I was. I was afraid I wouldn't get paid for sure now.

I just remembered I had a third dream. A homeless woman had killed a man in self defense. It was my job to take her to the police so she could confess.  When she did, the officer just let her go. He didn't really care one way or the other that she'd killed someone. She was very relieved and went back to her poor homeless life.

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