Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Two Vivid Dreams

Last night I had a series of nightmares. The easiest one to remember is the one right before I got up.
We were driving through the downtown area of San Luis Obispo, CA with my ex-husband and my teenage daughters. We were fighting over something so I asked him to pull over and let me out,so he did.

Then I was wandering the streets for hours. I didn't have any money. I stopped inside a See's Candy to watch a fat woman decorating cakes.  She gave me free samples of chocolate and wrote down my birthday on her big calendar along with my favorite kind of candy which was chocolate. I didn't have the heart to tell her I was homeless so I doubted she'd be able to find me the next year.

I was wandering around realizing I had to find more food before dark. I found some giant bushes with purple berries so I started eating those. I just hoped they weren't poisonous. I realized I didn't even know where my ex lived and I didn't have a cell phone either, and no one to call even if I did.

I felt someone standing behind me. I turned around and it was my brother.  He said, "What are you going to do, just sit there and eat berries off some neighbor's bush?"

I asked him what he thought I should do since I had nowhere to go and no money.

So he gets out this giant map and asks me to help him find something.
Suddenly I realize I need a bathroom.  I dive into one that is behind me. I won't go into that, but it woke me up and I have a bad headache.

This is the first time I remember dreaming about my brother. I haven't seen him in years; not since my mother's funeral.

Writing this down reminded me of an earlier dream. I worked in a brothel. We got to wear really cute outfits. The outfits changed once a month. Since I remember 3 different outfits I must have been there 3 months. There was a women there that did hypnosis and another one that dyed and styled hair so the girls would look their best.  I remember being jealous that I wasn't the hypnotist. I wanted to shout out that I do hypnosis too. I remember running down the street in heels to fetch one of the girls that was on her lunch break so she could come help a fussy customer with a haircut. That's about all I remember of that dream.

I woke up feeling exhausted and sore from tossing and turning all night. It's going to be a challenging day.

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