Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Inspiration Jars

I was inspired by a photo on Facebook, only I am giving it a witchy twist.

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On the left is my prosperity candle. It is almost out of wax so I got the new green candle above. The feathers on the right are for my witch's ladder project. The pink jar and turquoise jar are part of my inspiration jars project.
For my inspiration jars, I want to get a glass etching kit so I can decorate them. Then I will put a different colored glitter in each one. Like the red one might say love. Since some of the openings are too big for corks, I will just put an artificial flower in a matching color on top to cover the opening. Then when I need to work with that theme, I will sprinkle the glitter on myself or my friends. If you don't love glitter, you can fill them with colored beads or faux flower petals or whatever inspires you.

I priced jars on Ebay, and ended up getting all these at the discount dollar store. I also got matching ribbon there to decorate the jars after I etch them. So everything is on hold until I get the glass etching kit. Or I might just rubber stamp the labels. Sometimes it is good to let a project sit a while while your mind sorts out the details.
My new green prosperity candle
This morning I looked on Pinterest using the search term 'inspiration jar' and all kinds of neat ideas popped up. So if my version is too complicated for you, look to Pinterest for more ideas. I used both jars and vases.  Cute little bottles would have been nice too, but I couldn't find those at the store I was at. If you have saved bottles, clean them up and use those instead.

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