Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Knit a Poncho

The wind howled like a banshee last night. It kept knocking out my satellite Internet connection. Finally I took the hint and went to bed with a good book. I read for about thirty minutes and then it was off to dreamland. Once again I dreamed about a SCA event. At these events, I don't seem to have any friends.  Things are just happening all around me.

On another note, Jacqueline DuBois made a Youtube video about a poncho she had knitted from repurposed balls of yarn from an estate sale. So even though I didn't need another fiber arts project, I just had to make one. I found some great old wooden needles I inherited, and set to work with some pink yarn. I got 2 poncho books at the library yesterday to help me figure out what shape I need to make, which is basically 2 long rectangles. Rectangles are a symbol of stability, the same as squares, because they have 4 sides. A square is a rectangle with equilateral sides, right?

If you watch to the end of her video, she also shows her knitted curtains.

I'm debating making my poncho all pink or striped with many colors, which is my usual style.

Stay warm and blessed and we'll talk soon.

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