Saturday, December 14, 2013

The Fairy Condo

I stepped out my backdoor and almost bumped into a roadrunner. But it didn't run away. We stared at each other for a bit, then it made its way to the water bowl to my left. Still keeping an eye on me, it took some drinks.  I got a load of firewood and came back in.  On the way out, I grabbed my camera, and the roadrunner was still by the water bowl. But this time I spooked it and it left before I got any photos.

Later I did see a cottontail jumping out of the neighbor's yard. I assume the chipmunks are hibernating. I haven't seen any since it started to freeze at night.

So I had in mind making a fairy condo. So I gathered bits from the woodpile and figured out a master plan. I got all the tools out. I started putting together a swing for one of the branches. I was waiting for my boyfriend to get out of the shower and help me get some power tools out. But when he came out he said we were going to town and I needed to shower. So I put the tools away, came in, took off my jacket, and he said I should wait for the water to heat up again. Face palm. I'm in my stay home and do stuff mode and he's in his 'spend the next four hours in town' mode. I have been waiting 3 days to go to town.  Why are we never on the same page? I need to put together a box for the post office if we are going to town. But I don't feel like doing that in the next 20 minutes, you know? I still need to eat breakfast. It takes me a good hour to get ready to go out, and I usually get 10 minutes notice.

signed...Miss Grumpy Pants

Sorry fairies. Your condo will have to wait.

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